The Least Bad, The Bad, and The Lesser Bad.

Ever since I became a reasonably radical person, it’s been fairly straightforward who the bad guys were, and other people seemed to get it too.  I mean some people got confused about Cuba and Israel, and of course the Balkan wars of the 90s, but loosely within my twenties-life people knew what was going on.

But these days, fucking hell.

Scottish Independence was the first thing.  That’s got everyone split down the middle. (Other than the Geordie Street!)  Then Putin.  Then Brexit.  Then Corbyn.  Then Clinton.  Also Le Pen.  Now it’s fucking mad.

Do people really want the super-rich spending Scotland’s oil wealth on weapons and wars? And Yeltsin back in charge so they can spend Russia’s resources as well, and get away with bombing small countries where they want their own resources for themselves?

Do you hark back to the good old days of Milliband?  When we had leader of the opposition that was ‘electable’, to quote Lord Kinnock.   Or is it Blair that brings that fuzzy feeling?

Is Clinton the one you want to sort out problems in Honduras, Ukraine, Libya, the Sudan, Yemen and Syria?  Everyone deserves a second chance kind-of-thing?

Macron/Fillon will save the Republic!


You know people say to me sometimes ‘you’re not actually doing anything though are you Jack?’, ‘other than reading about it all’.  And I think, well, ‘if more people actually spent a little time reading about the world from crowd-funded sources using journalists, analysts, and technicians who actually cared about enabling you to get past this elite-controlled media, everyone wouldn’t be swallowing this Orwellian shite like foie gras duck.’

 ’And we wouldn’t be here in this situation, where I’m the crazy one.’  ‘We wouldn’t be voting for something that Blair and Cameron and Brown and May and the IMF and NATO and the WB and the President of the United States told you to vote for.’   *

And we wouldn’t be blaming those who recognise those fuckers**  (the tory party, the new labour party, IMF/WB/NATO/ POTUS) as enemies for all the problems that those very fuckwits** are directly responsible for. 

 I mean friends have told me “we can’t be friends anymore!” Because ‘Brexit was my fault’. 

Make sure you don’t tell Teresa that!  I managed to pin it on Bozo.

Next thing that’s my fault is Trump obviously, but what after that? Surely Hitler is too obvious. But since the time scale isn’t an issue anyways, how about King Leopold’s brutal reign over the Congo Basin?

I mean what the fuck?  I’m the bad guy now?

Ah! Im naïve.  Im a hypocrite.  Glad you straightened me out on that one.

So… because of a couple of  well-dressed clowns, loads of horrific flags and an even more cringey quotes, interviews and headlines across the board ad nauseum, you go running into the arms of those neo-liberal war-mongering fuckers? **

Stop reading that shit man, all of it, because the BBC and the guardian are as much part of this as any of it.*** 

{Did I slip into a coma? (Given my penchant for geopolitics and my track record of highly frustrating nightmares where I nearly win and then it all goes horribly wrong, I probably would dream this if I was.  And that would be a much better explanation for this string of ridiculous events and other world craziness than them actually happening, seemingly.  I didn’t wake up upon realising that, so maybes nuclear holocaust will bring me out of it?)}

*Obama threatened us for fuck’s sake!

**’Them fuckers’ i.e. the tory party, the new labour party, the IMF/WB/NATO/ POTUS, etc.

***They told you that: the only reason people wanted Brexit was because of xenophobia and idiocy.  Their proof? All the horrific right-wing media.  Their platform? All the supposedly non-horrific centre/left media.  Who owns all this media? Could it be the same horrific people? The ones that know the Prime Minister personally?

PS: The BBC? You’re kidding me.


OK, rant over.   So what is actually going on?

The shit hit the fan, man! 

Trump has made the aggressive neocon move they wanted him to; bombing Assad, using the chemical flase flag attack as a pretext.  So, from this point, it would be nothing short of miraculous if Trump managed to salvage his Presidency and achieve anything worthwhile.  (And God only know if he ever intended to.)  If he tries he’ll likely go down in flames.  Otherwise he’s now the neocon’s bitch.

No, this does not mean Hillary Clinton would have been better than Trump, it means we had a few months to live and hope that the US wouldn’t ‘hit the ground running’ and bomb the Syrian Arab Army, i.e. those on the front line fighting and dying at the hands of Al Qaeda and ISIS, and Israel and Turkey for that matter. 

(What it might mean is all the ‘changing of the guards’ was just a show carried out to divide and confuse us.  If so, it worked, but then the price was high; the US has embarrassed itself immensely on the world stage, and thus greatly damaged its interests.)

What has been achieved during the interlude from this most important of window dressings? 

Time has been bought, events have moved on. There are new ‘facts on the ground’.

I recommend you review them in places like the following:


and cross reference it with everything you already know, triangulate that with pretty much the opposite of what the MSM tells you,  and think about it for a while until you can make as much sense out if it as possible. Then try and write it down.

Which is, however, what I’m about to do, so if you can’t be arsed doing so, read part II.